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Quality Work, Great Rates

​Regardless of the season, our team is here! We offer  regular maintenance and emergency repair services for all makes and models of air-conditioning equipment. We also offer over-the-counter parts for the do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) on HVAC equipment.

Kern County's comfort home improvement specialist

Free estimates for new complete air-conditioning systems and replacements! 

Warning Signs 

Having trouble with your air conditioning system?

We've listed the most common indicators

1. Your unit is heating and cooling inadequately!

2. Change in noise levels  or unfamilar sounds indicate it might be time for us to check it out.

3. Musty or unusal odors and discoloration of supply grills are also a common warning signs.

"Your satisfaction is OUR guarantee!" 

Gary Flanagan

-Gary Flanagan, Owner/President of Econo Air Inc.

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